It takes me a while to warm up. More than a few people have told me that I come off cold. I won’t open up right away or know what to small-talk with you about or speak up in front of large groups. I might not immediate ask for help. I’ll scour the internet before I’m willing to show my weaknesses. Do not confuse my distance with lack of engagement.

I’m technically insecure. Given my untraditional background, I constantly feel the need to prove myself. I irrationally fear that I’m missing some foundational knowledge that prevents me from performing as well as others. I can spend too much time delivering on what I already know versus learning new things. Also, I’m learning to control impostor syndrome, but know that I’m not as confident as I may sound.

I procrastinate on organizing my thoughts. While I am constantly observing and contemplating, the patterns they settle in in my mind are difficult to communicate. Thus, when I can avoid writing and speaking, I will until there is a reason to write documentation or speak about my work. Please help push me to do this more.

Context is key. I like stories and conversation. Tell me about you. Tell me about the customer. Tell me what’s happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen. Help me understand the business side and how my work fits with these goals. Let’s talk about the projects, and I’ll enjoy getting it done for you.

I value simple systems. I like to structure information flows for both computers and humans. Working cross-functionally and developing processes that make it better for all of us.

Let’s grow together. Let’s keep open, frequent lines of communication, particularly for feedback. I want to make things better, not keep them as “we’ve always done it that way”s. I’m willing to disagree, and I’ll tell you you when you screw up. Please do the same for me.