Lake Geneva

Over the weekend, I actually was really stressed. This is the last week of classes, and there are a plethora of projects due. The library is packed full and will likely remain so for the next month as everyone prepares for their finals. And while I too have work to do, I sit here at this moment writing to procrastinate a bit longer.

I did the unthinkable and went for a run since I only go running once or twice a year when I feel motivated enough. I headed down to Lake Geneva. I ran (well, more like walked) all the way to the next city (5 miles away). I followed the shore and came upon some wonderful, breathtaking sights. I met a painter. I guess I had trespassed onto his dock, but it was such a beautiful view I couldn’t resist. There were gardens of flowers and farms - as you can find throughout Switzerland. There were so many parks where people were just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s crazy that I have been living close by and hadn’t done this earlier.

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