Well, like I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I took a weekend trip to the chocolate factory and the cheese factory. First stop: the Cailler chocolate factory!

The various kinds of beans (for the purpose of smelling the flavors):

Different beans

As a chemical engineer, processes are super cool! The candy making process:

Chocolate process

Chocolate packaging

The best part is obviously the sampling though:

Sampling chocolate

And of course, we need to bring home lots more:

Chocolate store

Second stop: the Gruyere cheese factory!


The cheeses are soaked in brine to enhance the flavor:

Brine soak

They are left to age for several months on shelves:

Cheese on shelves

Both places were easily doable in a day. They are close to each other by train. We also spent some time walking around the old village. And finally, as a bonus: our professor just gave us a lecture on chocolate in my Food Biotechnology class. We learned about the fermentation of the cocoa pulp, the roasting processes, etc. That’s applied science and you can never escape chocolate and cheese in Switzerland!

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