It’s finally springtime in Switzerland! The weather is a nice 70°F (or 20°C). Just last week, I still had to wear my winter jacket. (Rumors are, however, that the temperature is taking a dive this weekend again.) The warmth has the magical power of making everything seem happier. I can even enjoy my stroll down to the metro station every morning since I am motivated to leave 5 minutes earlier. Unfortunately, if it is already such a comfortable temperature, I’m not sure I want to know what it will be like in late June/early July when I have to take my finals in non-air conditioned classrooms with poor ventilation.

Also, just living abroad in general has the effect of making me want to do things. I had to do school work last weekend, and I felt terribly cooped up. (All the professors like to assign semester projects around this time in the semester.) This weekend - even though I should do work - I’ll take a trip to a chocolate factory and a cheese factory, near Fribourg. How exciting!

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