I hope to write another post on my post-semester travels, but first I want to talk about being home. It’s a strange feeling.

The first few days, I felt really happy to see my family and friends. However, it was also a bit saddening too when I realized all these major life changes occurred in their lives while I was away. Even with the connectivity of the internet, it was - at times - hard to deal with being so many time zones apart.

It is a feeling of being exhausted and restless at the same time. Home does feel like home. I think my body is overcompensating for the lack of sleep in the past few weeks. It has been an amazing semester, with a pace almost too fast to keep up with. Now, it’s hard to sit still in front of my computer, stay at home, all of that. I keep wishing that once I walked outside of the door, I could be back in the chaos that is Mong Kok. I feel this place is deserted. Well, it kind of is in the middle of the woods.

I feel as though I am going back to old ways, but my mind is feeling a disconnect. There are certain habits I don’t want to fall into - inherent laziness, creating my own bubble, doing nothing. I feel like it is a time where I can change, but it is up to me to live it up.

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