I had always taken Thanksgiving for granted, so to speak, and was surprised that only Americans (and Canadians) celebrate the holiday. Thus, when it came Thanksgiving day, our choices were rather limited on where to feast like an American. There aren’t many places where you can buy a turkey here, and if you have an oven that is large enough to bake it, consider yourself really lucky. With a little research on the internet, we found Fat Angelo’s, which offered a “Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.”

A few of us were Americans, who missed the traditions back home, but another few were foreigners who never experienced the holiday and wanted to try. It was interesting to hear about the different family traditions and gathering styles. We also went around the table sharing our thanks. I’m really thankful that I got to have an “American” Thanksgiving on the other side of the world with my fellow Americans (and others!). I always miss my family the most on holidays when I’m away. However, my friends helped the night feel as though we were back in America :)

Originally posted on halfwayaroundtheworld.studentsgoneglobal.com.