Halloween Costume

Halloween is a very American holiday, but it is beginning to make its way into the Hong Kong culture. There are no trick-or-treaters, but the decorations are abound. Ocean Park (the local theme park) has been transformed into a series of haunted houses. Lan Kwai Fong, the hangout for ex-pats, is decked out as well. Few children are wearing their witch and princess costumes around. It really is popularized by marketing, to attract tourist, rather than a part of the culture.

Here, at the university, the students are dressing up as ghosts and have turned their halls into haunted houses as well. Last night, I went to explore some of these student haunted houses with some friends. I was really, really scared at times and extremely impressed overall for the immense effort. The students really know how to put on a show and have fun.

Originally posted on halfwayaroundtheworld.studentsgoneglobal.com.