I went snorkeling with some of the local students yesterday. We went to some place near Sai Kung. (I’m not exactly where, just followed others.)

It was my first time, and even though I have tried using those snorkeling masks in the swimming pool back home, I never seemed to have done it properly. All you have to do is breathe in and out of your mouth (not your nose)! We saw a sea cucumber, brown jellyfish, a blue jellyfish, snails, polyp-looking plants, and lots of rocks. The water was not super clear, but it was still interesting.

In the afternoon, a group of us didn’t want to go snorkeling again in the same spot. Instead, we went to the beach and just enjoyed the water. The sand was a little grainy, but still nice. The sea was calm because we were in a mostly enclosed bay. The water was really salty but a good temperature.

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