Sendoff Picnic

I can’t believe in less than 10 hours, I will be off on my way to Hong Kong. I barely had time to unpack from my last adventure and I’m already leaving on the next. Although I have been waiting so long for the time to come, it’s rather bitter sweet. I’m not exactly ready to leave everyone behind. I’m really glad had the chance to go back to school, see friends, and have a great American picnic with my family before I embark on this trip. Actually, there are a lot of things I will miss, or at least I think I will miss. (We’ll see.) Here are ten:

  1. Biking
  2. Anna’s (Mexican food)
  3. Snow
  4. Halloween and Thanksgiving
  5. American English
  6. Tap water
  7. Widespread internet access
  8. My room and bed
  9. My dogs – Bella and Bruno
  10. All my family and friends (of course)

I hadn’t particularly thought of goals until recently, when everyone has been asking me. So I figure I should write them down so I can perhaps reflect when I get home.

  • Be more outgoing. I am highly introverted, and with new challenges and new situations, I know I’ll be forced to ask people for help. More significantly, I’ll be in a new place and new friends and faces will definitely help me get through it.
  • Live in the moment. I have a tendency to stress about school and work. Although I’m still taking classes, I hope the change of scenery will help me enjoy and focus (even if temporarily) on the other aspects of my life.
  • See the world. I’ve spent all my life in the United States, minus two or so months in China when I was in middle school. Almost all of that time has been spent around Boston. While all my classmates seem to have fun exploring downtown, I often felt like I’ve seen it all before.
  • Better understand my background and culture. I want to understand my heritage and get a better and bigger picture of who I am overall.

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