Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Software Developer & Engineer

I'm currently on the Growth team at Dropbox building experiences that delight customers and increase revenue, including no credit card trials and trial extensions.

At the Recurse Center, I focused my learning on a combination of Javascript libraries (jQuery, React, Redux, React Native, D3, etc.), algorithms and data structures, and pair programming on anything and everything that sounds interesting.

Before that, I was working as a Process Engineer at 3M Company making "sand" for sandpaper as I had studied bio-chemical engineering at MIT. However, I've always been interested in code and learned how to program on my own (and still learning). Ultimately, I decided to transition to a career in software development.

I'm looking for a role where I can make meaningful software. I value an environment that is technically challenging and collaborating with knowledgeable engineers who can help me grow as a engineer.

When I'm not busy with that, I love to sail and bike. One day, I hope to circumnavigate the world on my currently-ficticious sailboat. Then do it again on my bicycle.

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